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Every couple who is faced with infertility has to take big and tough decision of choosing the right place for infertility treatment. Being aware of the severity of this decision, the enormous trust you give us, the responsibility which comes out of that, as well as privilege to participate in this precious and delicate period of your life, we would like to emphasize which are the features that distinguish us from the others and make us worthy of the epithet "the right choice”. The answer to the question why to choose FERONA lies in the fact that with our experience and knowledge, under current circumstances, we will offer the best treatment and the best chance for success. FERONA represents not only the latest technology, equipment and organization, but also a set of the highest standards which go beyond legal requirements for engaging in this activity and are focused primarily on maximizing the chances of success. Sincerity is the basic postulate of our work. No matter how painful and unpopular, we provide honest and complete insight into your condition with a realistic view of the situation, when determining the real opportunities and making the best clinical decisions with you, respecting your personality, attitudes, and rules of medical science. Characteristics and the results that we've reached: • The ambiance of support, commitment, empathy and devotion where the patient or the couple are in the center of attention • Leaders in the field of fertility preservation • Decades of experience in the treatment of infertility by methods of IVF • Applying the highest standards in equipping of IVF laboratory and micro climatic conditions, with the first regional factory of air for the IVF laboratory • Applying the latest methods of treatment of infertility • Active cooperation with a broad network of partners in the country and abroad, with direct strategic partnership with leading IVF centers • The highest standards of quality control, work protocols and care patient management • Continuous clinical and scientific research • Continuous gaining and spreading knowledge • Sincerity and transparency in work

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