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Infertility - When to contact your doctor?

The achievement of pregnancy may take some time, and it is important not to create a state of panic or a problem after only 2-3 months of trying to conceive. On the other hand, the problem with the conception cannot be ignored, and trying for several years before the couple contact a doctor is another extreme. It is necessary to establish a balance between these two situations. It is not enough just to go to regular gynecological examinations, since such examinations do not examine the possibility of conception, it is necessary to carry out the diagnosis of infertility (see diagnosis of infertility). In practice we often listen to female patients say that for years they went for regular examinations and that everything is fine with them, but in fact, they have never undergone the procedure of diagnosis of infertility. Infertility Examination should begin after a year of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, and this is the right answer to the question when you should contact your doctor. It is necessary to address the subspecialists of infertility, who is the best to consider the overall situation and determine the most successful plan for the realization of conception. In the attempts of conception, consultation with the doctor is not necessary in the first year, since this represents an unnecessary panic, and the probability is great that the pregnancy will occur within this period. After this period, further delay in visits to the doctor may result in the loss of valuable time for couples for which the problem really exists. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If the woman is older than 35, it is advisable for couple to consult a doctor and undergo the diagnosis of infertility after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, because, due to the age of the women there is a greater chance for the existence of infertility. Also, the time range until the end of her reproductive period is shorter than when a woman is 30. It is necessary to effectively use the rest of the time. Similarly, when the woman is older than 40, the couple needs to consult a doctor after only 2 or 3 months of trying, and in situations where the woman is older than 42, it is necessary to consult the doctor immediately, as soon as a decision on planning a pregnancy is made, and all in order to avoid spending the precious time. Also, in situations where a male or female partner, up to 35, knows about the existence of a particular condition or a disease which can cause infertility (see causes of infertility), such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc., it is necessary to seek the opinion of a specialist at the latest when pregnancy is not achieved after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts.

Infertility - basic concepts

Infertility is defined as a condition in which pregnancy does not occur even after a year of regular sexual activity without the use of contraceptive methods. There are many causes of infertility, but to understand a concept and complexity of this phenomenon, at least we should know the elementary basics of human reproduction.

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Male infertility

Approximately 25-30% of infertility is caused by a dominant male factor of infertility, while there is a disorder of semen in even 40-50% of couples who are treated for infertility (not always the only reason).

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Examination of male infertility

Basic method in the study of male infertility is the analysis of semen. This is often the first step in testing of infantile couple. Besides semen, if necessary, clinical and ultrasound examinations are performed by the urologist, as well as surgery, hormone tests, and testicular biopsy.

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