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Treatment of infertility

Treatment of infertility is a complex, multidisciplinary, and nowadays is very successful. No matter how simple it is, before starting any treatment, it is necessary to conduct a complete diagnostic of the infertile couple. During the treatment of infertility, couple is encouraged to continue efforts for a spontaneous pregnancy, since in most situations the chance of pregnancy, even in the case of certain problems is only reduced, but not absent, so that a certain percentage (about 5%) of infertile couples spontaneously get pregnant, even during preparation for IVF treatment. After a complete diagnosis and determining the cause of infertility, treatment starts by removing of these causes. In such a way all possible hormonal disorders that encounter should be treated, while often in the course of testing, comes upon numerous anatomical anomalies, such as disorders of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries disease which are treated surgically, usually by using endoscopic procedures. Urological examination and treatment sometimes also leads to satisfactory results and achieving of spontaneous pregnancy. In any case, when the appropriate cause of infertility has been established, or when it remains unknown (idiopathic infertility), couple is proposed to promptly begin with some of techniques of assisted reproduction (IUI, and then IVF), not to lose valuable time under the slogan of "EVERYTHING IS OK" and thus further reduce chances of success of In vitro fertilization. A serious disturbance of spermatogenesis, proximal occlusion of the fallopian tubes, a severe form of endometriosis, a depleted ovarian reserve and numerous other disorders, as well as the failure of previous methods of treatment, are indications for referral to a program of In vitro fertilization as the method with the greatest success.

Stimulation of ovulation

Certain states in the treatment of infertility require medicamentous stimulating of ovaries to "produce" one or more follicles that reach the stage of ovulation, i.e. the creation of a mature egg cell. This primarily refers to the existence of polycystic ovary syndrome and other conditions that cause the absence of spontaneous ovulation. Also, stimulation of ovulation is used in almost all the procedures of assisted reproduction, both for the purposes of intrauterine insemination and for the purposes of in vitro fertilization cycle.

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IUI - intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination is a method of medically assisted reproduction, which does not involve In vitro fertilization, but helps a couple in spontaneous achieving of pregnancy. The procedure is simple, safe and often successful in helping the infertile couple.

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