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FERONA team proudly emphasizes that transparency and sincerity are the basic principles of its work. Modern medicine requires, both from the scientific and professional as well as ethical and medicolegal aspects, to quantify and document our work objectively, and thus make it transparent to us, to patients and the professional and scientific community. This basically means that all data on the success of procedures applied (without the use of personal data of the patient since the right to secrecy of personal data is an absolute imperative) are systematically recorded, published and reported to competent national and international organizations (to which we have a legal obligation). From the perspective of the patient, transparency implies that all the procedures carried out in our hospital from ultrasound examination, colposcopic findings, through the operational findings during surgery, whether laparoscopic or hysteroscopic, are provided in electronic form and made available to our patients. Thus the patient, when the typical surgery in question, gains an insight into the images and videos before and after surgical treatment, which patient itself, along with its attending physician in our or some other institution in the country and abroad, may acquire an insight into what was carried out. Also, the process of in vitro fertilization and all aspects of this procedure are maximally transparent. The patient can receive a video of its embryonic development in a special system of continuous 24-hour monitoring of embryo development applied in our hospital, as well as the final image of the embryo returning to the womb, as well as the remaining embryos that are subject to the process of cryopreservation. This allows the insight into the complete course of treatment, it is subject to the consultation with other experts in this field, and remains (hopefully) nice memory for the patient after successful completion of treatment.

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