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Although the most effective method for the achievement of pregnancy, In Vitro Fertilization is not omnipotent and is not a "magic wand" in struggle with infertility. Here's what you should know...

“Pregnancy changes the essence of the woman. Every day of that amazing trip changes completely the focus of her life. During the pregnancy, she rearranges her personal and business goals. She had already become a mother.”

Aleksandra Trninić-Pjević
PhD, IVF Team Lead

Key to the Success of In Vitro Fertilization

Although the most effective method for the achievement of pregnancy, in vitro fertilization is not omnipotent and is not a "magic wand" in struggle with infertility.

European average success of Procedure of artificial insemination per cycle is approximately 30%, with significant variations among clinics, as well as depending on characteristics of patients (primarily the age of women). In leading clinics for women younger than 35, this percentage goes up to 50% per cycle.

Constant question that bothers patients and all participants of this branch of medicine is that if there is the key to success for the process of In vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, there is no "catch" or intervention that we can honestly say it represents the key to success, but teams for in vitro fertilization, based on experience and applying the highest standards in all aspects of this activity, contribute to the success of creating their "recipes”.

The key to success is in high dedication and professionalism of all participants in the team, the sincere and complete multidisciplinary work of physicians, embryologists, geneticists, nurses, psychologists and other staff.

Each couple represents a unique case, so they have to be treated with an individualized approach in each stage of their process. Finally, the experience of leading European clinics and pioneers of In vitro fertilization from which we have learned and that we cooperate with for decades, have shown that raising the laboratory conditions to the highest possible standards, both in terms of quality personnel and protocols of their work, as well as the implementation of the most sophisticated equipment, and ensuring the highest possible standard of the laboratory conditions, is the most important key to success, which almost doubles the chances of pregnancy.

This primarily refers to specific standards of construction of the laboratory, the use of special materials and organization of work, the impeccable control of microclimate conditions and the creation of so-called state of overpressure. Where possible, a separate air production system is created, according to the standards for laboratories for In vitro fertilization. Due to experience from leading clinics, it can be concluded that only the integrity of these measures leads to the success of a large-scale (due to this fact majority of these clinics has opted for such conditions) and it led the founders of FERONA to build an institution dedicated to the successful implementation of In vitro fertilization, according to all of the above standards and without improvisation. Thus, for the first time in our region, a special installation for the production of air for IVF lab is built in an IVF clinic.

In addition, we believe that the persistence is also one among keys to success, because the ultimate goal is creating a healthy generations. The success of the cycle isn't 100% guaranteed, even under the best conditions. In simple terms, someone will be fortunate and IVF will be a successful the very first time, but someone will have to pass through several attempts.

Mutual support of the partner, approach and our performance as well as support of society in general, should encourage us not to despair after the failure (which is painful), but to continue to struggle and persist to the final success.

Psychological support and IVF

Psychological stress can negatively affect the entire course of treatment, not so much in terms of reduced chances of success, as much in terms of degradation of the quality of life of women, men and the couple in general, and this is a very important factor.

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Nutrition and IVF

As the In vitro fertilization is not a "magic wand" that guarantees success, so it would not be correct to say that certain foods, and related type of diet certainly leads to an increased chance of success, as well as believing in miraculous plants that lead to a cure for infertility, although some herbal preparations can have a positive effect to the number of processes in these proceedings.

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Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture represents an ancient Chinese medical procedure used for centuries to treat a number of diseases. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body contains life energy - chi, which travels through the body along the defined meridians, and controls all the vital functions.

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So much in your future lies in preserving your past. Cryopreservation is a set of revolutionary technologies in the field of cryobiology by which cells and tissues can be successfully frozen at extremely low temperatures that allow virtually stopping of biological process of aging and cell death, and more importantly, then, after a period of several years to several decades, successfully could be unfrozen while retaining its full functionality.

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Medicaly-assisted procreation or in Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
represents a method of assisted reproductive technology.

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