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Although the most effective method for the achievement of pregnancy, in vitro fertilization is not omnipotent and is not a "magic wand" in struggle with infertility.

Psychological support and IVF

Psychological stress can negatively affect the entire course of treatment, not so much in terms of reduced chances of success, as much in terms of degradation of the quality of life of women, men and the couple in general, and this is a very important factor. The aim of each treatment is not only expressed through success rate of pregnancy (although there are studies that suggest that this segment could be jeopardized by psychological stress), but maintaining the mental well-being throughout the process. One of the most significant factors that lead to the final failure is giving up treatment after one or more unsuccessful attempts, and this withdrawal is largely a consequence of the inability of the couple to cope with the burden of treatment. Therefore, the entire system of infertility treatment today is designed to provide the maximum support for couple and to minimize the disruption of everyday life. A psychologist is an integral part of each team for in vitro fertilization. Psychological counseling and treatment, for either individual or group, is of great benefit for all patients at all stages of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, and is an inevitable step in the process of In vitro fertilization. Psychological support and its techniques , is the obligation of the partners to one another, their environment towards them, and each person involved in the treatment of infertility, whether he or she was a psychologist by profession or not. Taking all this into consideration, and in addition to the overall approach of support for a couple, in FERONA we have organized both individual and group treatments with psychologist - therapist specially trained to work with a patient with this problem.

Unsuccessful attempts of IVF - explanation and examination

The failed attempts of In vitro fertilization is a source of huge frustration for both patients and for the entire IVF team. Although the chance of success of IVF cycles is good and reaches over 50% in certain situations, this procedure is still not a "magic wand" and a certain percentage of patients will fail the first or even several attempts.

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Multiple pregnancies and single embryo transfer

Multiple pregnancies represent the presence of more than one fetus in the cavum of the uterus, most often it comes to twin pregnancy, but also to triple pregnancy - triplets, while the higher-order multiple births are rare.

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Cycles with donated egg cells

In certain situations when the number or quality of remaining egg cells is lower, the best and sometimes the only form of successful treatment of infertility represents a cycle with donated egg cells.

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Nutrition and IVF

As the In vitro fertilization is not a "magic wand" that guarantees success, so it would not be correct to say that certain foods, and related type of diet certainly leads to an increased chance of success, as well as believing in miraculous plants that lead to a cure for infertility, although some herbal preparations can have a positive effect to the number of processes in these proceedings.

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Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture represents an ancient Chinese medical procedure used for centuries to treat a number of diseases. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body contains life energy - chi, which travels through the body along the defined meridians, and controls all the vital functions.

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Overstimulation – OHSS

Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome - OHSS represents one of the biggest complications of treatments of infertility and in vitro fertilization.
This condition may end fatally, and it is estimated that this tragic outcome occurs in 3/100 000 initiated cycles of in vitro fertilization, as a result of OHSS.

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