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Vera Kremić, Ebryologist


Ferona Specialized Gynecological Hospital

Medical Director of the Clinic

Sarplaninska 19

21000 Novi Sad


phone: +381 21 3000 220


Master of Science, Assisted Reproductive Technology; EMG certification with American College of Embryology

Bachelor of Health Science, Clinical Laboratory Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 2003-2005

Associate Degree in Science, Lexington Community College, Lexington, KY 2000-2003

Certified Medical Assistant Diploma, Fugazzi College, Lexington, KY 1998-2000

Diploma, Laboratory Technician, 7 April, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia 1994-1998


Serbian: native language

English: fluent

Microsoft Office XP Professional proficient (Word, Excel, Power Point)


Clinical Embryologist
IVF Laboratory Director     
            SB Ferona
            Novi Sad, Serbia                                                         Aug. 2013-Present

  1. All aspects of IVF laboratory work
  2. IUI
  3. ICSI
  4. IVF
  5. Embryo biopsy (blastomeres and TE)
  6. QA/QC


Embryology residency
            Reproductive Biology Associates                                                        2011
            Dr Peter Nagy, Thomas Elliott and Graham Wright
           Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Hands on experience of media preparation, including oocyte collection media, sperm capacitation/prep medium, oil, transfer medium.
  2. Oocyte retrieval (patient identification, assessment, site specific paperwork)
  3. Oocyte grading
  4. Semen preparation (concentration/motility, recovery of motile fraction, calculations)
  5. ICSI (practiced with non-fertilized oocytes and oocytes that have not matured in the incubator)
  6. Embryo culture: scoring, PGD
  7. Embryo Transfer: scoring,  sorting for transfer vs cryo, assited hatching (not commonly done)
  8. GIFT and ZIFT (not commonly done anymore)
  9. Cryopreservation of embryos/oocytes: independently performed
  10. Thawing of embryos and oocytes: independently performed
  11. Quality control
  12. Andrology: specimen processing, semen analysis: macroscopic and microscopic assessment, anti-sperm antibodies, sperm-cervical mucus testing, hormone evaluations, semen cryopreservation.
  13. Semen preparation for inseminatkion and for ICSI



Medical Technologist
       Chandler Medical Center, University of Kentucky                                              2005-present
       Immunohematology, Lexington, KY                    

  1. Demonstrated a superior level of technical proficiency and problem-solving ability in areas:
  2. Testing for blood group antigens, compatibility, and antibody identification


  1. Investigating abnormalities such as hemolytic diseases of the newborn, hemolytic anemias, and adverse reactions to transfusions
  2. Supporting physicians in transfusion therapy for patients with coagulopathies (diseases affecting blood clotting), or candidates for organ and cellular transplantation/therapy


Inside sales person
JPS, Inc., Lexington, KY


2002 – 2005

  1. Created ideas to improve designs and sales of products and services
  2. Consulted customers in designing and creating lighting systems
  3. Developed solid communication relationships with major corporations and manufactures to assure customer and client satisfaction in all aspects of the work
  4. Advised clients on customer service issues


Hospital intern – medical technology – clinical rotations
Chandler Medical Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY


  2004 – 2005



  1. Chemistry- worked on LX20, urinalysis (Iris)
  2. Coagulations studies-handled liver transplant independently in every aspect
  3. Hematology-spinal fluid cell count, Advia, differentials- without repeats
  4. Toxicology-fetal lung maturity, Monospot test, HPLC, drug tests etc.
  5. Immunoassays- protein electrophoresis
  6. Microbiology-identifying cultures, PCR, Indy stain, KOH test etc.
  • Blood bank-blood group typing, cross matching, cord bloods


Hospital intern – medical assistant
Medical Heights, Lexington, KY

May – August 2000

  1. Assisting in major procedures
  2. Phlebotomy
  3. Administration of shots
  4. Taking medical history
  5. Prep patients for procedures
  6. Phone duties


MLT intern
Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Pokrajinska Hospital
Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

1996 – 1998

  1. Urinalysis
  2. Phlebotomy
  3. Microscopic analysis of blood samples


Doris Baker
Division Director, University of Kentucky

Thomas Elliot                                                                                        




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