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Stevan Milatović


Primary working address:

Clinical Center of Vojvodina
Department of Obs and Gynecology
Branimira Ćosića 37
21000 Novi Sad


Ferona Specialized Gynecological Hospital
Medical Director of the Clinic
Sarplaninska 19
21000 Novi Sad
phone:  +381 21 3000 220


Date and place of birth: 1982. Sombor, Vojvodina, Serbia
Nationality: Serbian
Civil status: Male, married to Ana, one daughter


Studied and graduated at University of Novi Sad, Medical Faculty, (Novi Sad, Serbia) in 2008, with highest grades.

At University of Novi Sad, defended master thesis in 2008 from Obstetrics and gynecology, called “Modern approach to infertility diagnostics”.
Finished PHD studies on University of Novi Sad, wtih thesis “Contribution of
hysteroscopy to IVF treatment” in 2017.


From 2009 working at University Clinic for Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Novi Sad, Department for reproductive medicine, as specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.
From 2014 working as assistant professor at Medicial Faculty, University of Novi Sad, Department for Obstetrics and Gynecology, and since 2016 working as general secretary of the deparment. 


From beginning of his professional career he has participated on numerous national, regional and international scientific meetings, published more than 10 papers in peer reviewed journals with primary focus on assisted reproductive technologies, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, reproductive surgery, fertility preservation, legislative and reimbursement aspects of reproductive medicine, preterm delivery, and other topics from obstetrics and gynecology.

Lecturere and invited speaker on more than 20 occasions, including international symposias, CoP meetings, and other local and regional scientific events. Participated in organization of numerous workshops, congresses, scientific meetings, and other proffesional meetings.


Participated in several research scientific projects funded by EU or regional government including “IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme. Endo Gyn IPA”, “Influence of sleep breathing disorders on high risk pregnancies”, as well as “Regional HPV Forum”, task group for cervical cancer prevention.


In 2013 finished The European Academy for Gynecological Surgery - A to Z laparoscopic suturing course in Leuven, Belgium. Attended observership educational program in Septembre 2015 at Centre for Reproductive medicine, UZ Brussels.

From 2012 actively participate in Winners Project developed by WeBSurg, and endorsed by ESHRE and ESGE. From 2015 general seretay of Serbian Society for Gynecological Endoscopy.            
Primary research and practical interests in reproductive medicine are reproductive endocrinology, with special emphasis on poor response, reproductive surgery, fertility preservation, embryo selection.


Speak, read, and write Serbian, English and Hungarian language.

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