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For more than 10 years, the FERONA team has been practicing the concept of one-day infertility diagnosis, implemented by leading international centers and based on the most accurate diagnostic methods for which it is proven that best suit your needs: One-Stop Fertility Clinic.

We routinely practice the concept of the one-day diagnosis based on endoscopic procedures (hysteroscopy and transvaginal laparoscopy), which are not only the most sovereign methods in diagnosis due to the direct visualization, but at the same they offer the possibility of surgical treatment. One-day diagnosis means that the couple visits us on a certain day of the cycle with predetermined laboratory results which must be determined on an exact corresponding day of the cycle. This is followed by an interview with a doctor, a complete gynecological and ultrasound examination, and then by going to the operational theatre (although the procedure can be performed in an outpatient clinic) where, most often in short-term intravenous anesthesia (the procedure may be done when the patient is awake), a camera enters the uterus, and then slips through a small puncture, a couple of millimeters in diameter at the bottom of the vagina, into the abdominal cavity.

In this way, we can directly visualize the inside of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The contrast passes through fallopian tubes, which is then measured ("blowing"). Certain detected problems can be surgically treated within the same procedure. The procedure itself takes 15-20 minutes for the most part, and while the woman is being examined, reproductive biologists are checking the semen analysis of the man who brings a fresh sperm specimen from home or produces one on site. After a break of 1-2 hours after the end of the procedure, patients receive a full set of results from the doctor, with documented photographs of the findings, before and after the surgery, a complete picture of the situation is made upon which the best plan selected for further treatment.

Diagnostics - Testing of sterility

Investigation into what the causes infertility is always the first step in the approach to the infertile couple which is necessary to do before any type of therapy (no matter how simple it may be)...

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Examination of ovulation

Disorders, or absences of spontaneous ovulation are responsible for about 25% of all cases of infertility. The most common problem that lies behind this condition is polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS.

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Examination of tubal patency

Examination of tubal patency is one of the basic tests in infertility, without which further treatment is generally not possible. Problems with the fallopian tubes or tubal infertility are considered to be responsible for about 30% of all cases of infertility.

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which provides the best possible conditions and a chance for success.

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