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Male infertility

Approximately 25-30% of infertility is caused by a dominant male factor of infertility, while there is a disorder of semen in even 40-50% of couples who are treated for infertility (not always the only reason). It is sometimes difficult to determine the exact reason for this trend, and whether some reduction in the quality of semen really contributes to male infertility. The fact remains that, in our country and worldwide, in recent decades a significant increase in male infertility was recorded, as well as a significant decline in the quality of semen. The reasons for this phenomenon are not known, but most often it involves a modern lifestyle and environmental pollution. The causes of male infertility are numerous and diverse, although in most cases, spermatogenesis disorder remains unknown. • The most common known causes of the disorder of production, maturation, and the flow of sperm are: • The infectious causes • Endocrine disorder (Kallmann syndrome, disorders of the pituitary gland, ...) • Immune disorders (autoimmune damage to the testicles) • Lifestyle and environmental factors (toxins, smoking, ...) • Genetic Disorders (Cystic fibrosis, Klinefelter's syndrome, deletions of the Y chromosome, ...) • Anatomical abnormalities (obstructive disorders of the genital tract, scrotal varicocele) • Syndrome of immovable cells • Liver, kidney, and many other reasons Due to other health risks for men who are often associated with the problem of infertility (primarily oncological), it is advisable that every man with impaired spermatogenesis passes a complete urological diagnostics, preferably by a doctor urologist - andrologist, after which it continues to engage in methods of treatment of infertility Risk factors for male infertility are: • Inflammatory processes - prostatitis and genital infections • Trauma or testicular torsion • Early or late beginning of puberty • Numerous toxins from the working and living environment, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, ethylene oxide, vinyl chloride, X-rays and other radioactivity • Smoking tobacco and marijuana • Excessive alcohol consumption • The exposure of the genitals to high temperatures • Surgery of hernia (inguinal hernia) • Undescended testis • Mumps after puberty • The use of DOES and similar preparations by the mother during pregnancy • Drugs for peptic ulcer disease, psoriasis • Stress, heavy physical work and many other factors

Infertility - When to contact your doctor?

The achievement of pregnancy may take some time, and it is important not to create a state of panic or a problem after only 2-3 months of trying to conceive. On the other hand, the problem with the conception cannot be ignored, and trying for several years before the couple contact a doctor is another extreme. It is necessary to establish a balance between these two situations.

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Infertility - basic concepts

Infertility is defined as a condition in which pregnancy does not occur even after a year of regular sexual activity without the use of contraceptive methods. There are many causes of infertility, but to understand a concept and complexity of this phenomenon, at least we should know the elementary basics of human reproduction.

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Examination of male infertility

Basic method in the study of male infertility is the analysis of semen. This is often the first step in testing of infantile couple. Besides semen, if necessary, clinical and ultrasound examinations are performed by the urologist, as well as surgery, hormone tests, and testicular biopsy.

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