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About us

Based in Novi Sad, Serbia, Ferona is a well-established infertility clinic, offering the most advanced techniques in IVF and the treatment of infertility, including IUI, IVF classic, ICSI, TESE, cryopreservation and CET, PGS and laser assisted hatching, from a highly experienced team led by Vesna Kopitovic PhD. The clinic houses the region’s only international standard clean room IVF laboratory.

Our Services

Every couple faced with infertility has to take a tough decision of choosing the right place for infertility treatment. The answer to the question Why choose Ferona lies in the fact that, with our experience and knowledge, under current circumstances, we will offer you the best treatment and the highest chance for success. Discover our services below.


Investigation into what causes the infertility is always the first step in the approach to the infertile couple. That’s why we offer One-Stop Fertility Clinic where our team diagnoses the causes in less than two hours. This includes Examination of Tubal Patency, Examination of Ovulation and Laparoscopy.

IVF Procedures

Medically-assisted procreation or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), represents a method of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Our clinic offers IUI Stimulated, IUI Unstimulated procedures, IVF Classic / ICSI, TESA, as well as Cryo-embryo transfer – CET.


Contemporary medicine relies greatly on the achievements of sophisticated scientific disciplines such as genetics. FERONA team with its partners carries out a complete and comprehensive genetic testing at all stages of the treatment of infertility, such as PGS and Cryopreservation (cryosperm).

Gynecological Operations

FERONA's medical team provides services such as Hysteroscopy and Laparotomy. We base our work on a set of the highest standards which go beyond legal requirements for engaging in this activity and are focused primarily on maximizing the chances of success.

Effectiveness of treatment at
Ferona Hospital

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35-37 years
38-40 years
41-44 years

Let's enjoy creating life!

Our medical team successfully brought 3000 babies to life, after more than 10,000 cycles of
In-Vitro Fertilization

The story of Kolarov Family

After years and years of trying to get a baby, Kolarov family succeeded in having 3 beautiful newborns

Meet our team

Ferona team comprises highly trained clinicians and embryologists who have been educated and employed in leading clinics and research institutes in the field of reproductive medicine and IVF worldwide. Actively involved in clinical and scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge, the clinic works with a broad network of partners in Serbia and abroad and has direct strategic partnership with other leading IVF centres.

Vesna Kopitović, PhD

Medical Director of the Clinic

Aleksandra Trninić Pjević, PhD

Lead IVF Specialist

Vera Kremić

IVF Lab Director, Clinical Embryologist

Why Choose Ferona Hospital?

Affordable and
good prices

FERONA provides personalised IVF and infertility treatments at fair and affordable prices. IVF costs can vary by several hundreds of euros, which depends on what set of services packages include. For example, an IVF/ICSI treatment done abroad can cost from €5,000 - €15,000, and in Serbia, the cost is €2,500 - €3,000 with medicines. You will receive an individual quote, which depends on your medical results.

High success rate,
up to 67%

Although the most effective method for the achievement of pregnancy, In Vitro Fertilization, is not omnipotent and is not a "magic wand" in struggle with infertility. But, with it, we helped more than 70% couples build a family.

High quality service,
without waiting lists

FERONA represents not only the latest technology, equipment and organization, but also a set of the highest standards which go beyond legal requirements for engaging in this activity and are focused primarily on maximizing the chances of success. Sincerity is the basic postulate of our work.

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As Lonely Planet described it, Serbia is warm, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun – everything you never heard about Serbia is true. Serbia has connected West with East for centuries – a land in which civilisations, cultures, faiths, climates and landscapes meet and mingle. Relax and enjoy beautiful Serbian nature!

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