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Genetic examination

Contemporary medicine relies greatly on the achievements of sophisticated scientific disciplines such as genetics. This perhaps mostly refers to a complex branch, such as reproductive medicine or the infertility treatment, where we can say that the geneticist is an integral part of the team for the successful performance of the procedure of in vitro fertilization. The genetic basis of many conditions in medicine is the basis for proper and complete access to the couple in the process of infertility treatment, and further in guidance of pregnancy. FERONA team with its partners carries out a complete and comprehensive genetic testing at all stages of the treatment of infertility. For parents who are faced with the challenge of conception, in addition to the basic analysis of the number and structure of chromosomes of infertile couple (karyotype), special genetic tests on certain diseases by latest methods of human DNA Test are recommended for determination of the status. After consultations with our genetic, the risk for certain genetic diseases is determined, as well as the need and the best way for its diagnosis (and if necessary, make reference to one of the centers for a given diagnosis). Thus, in patients with male infertility, a genetic search in cystic fibrosis could be conducted, as well as Y chromosome microdeletions in patients with azoospermia. On the other hand, in both partners, if necessary, in case of risk for hereditary cancers, BRCA gene mutations could be diagnosed, as well as numerous others. As a special novelty, in this section we highlight genetic diagnosis of embryos before returning to the womb, the presence of aneuploidy (PGS), as well as the presence of specific genetic diseases of the fetus (PGD). This ensures the return of only genetically healthy embryos, increasing the chances of success, and almost completely eliminating chances of transmission of certain inherited diseases to offspring. All patients who have a severe form of male infertility, older age (more than 37 for women), the existence of multiple miscarriages, genetic diseases in children or immediate relatives, should consult their doctor and consider the best methods of genetic diagnosis, in order to ensure healthy offspring.

Assisted Hatching

In the presence of high-quality embryos, even at the stage of blastocyst, the success is around 50% in the best clinics, in spite of chro-
mosomal abnormalities of the embryo, in a number od cases a disorder of the process of hatching(hatching) of embryos is mentioned
as the reason for the failure.


Growth factors for

Cryopreservation is a set of revolu-
tionary techologies in the field of
cryobiology by which cells and
tissues can be successfully frozen at
extremely low temperatures that
allow virtually stopping of biological...

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