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Ferona team comprises highly trained clinicians and embryologists who have been educated and employed in leading clinics and research institutes in the field of reproductive medicine and IVF worldwide.

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” Every parent wants to be the best educator as well as a friend to a child. The best cook, doctor and writer ... best painter, singer, actor. This school is learned the heart and represents the essence of a woman and a man.”

Ana Trajkovic Stambolic, PhD
CEO at Ferona Clinic

PhD Mirko Pjević

Mirko Pjević, PhD

dr Tatjana Kozarčić

Tatjana Kozarčić, PhD

dr Irena Bujas

Irena Bujas, PhD

Ferona IVF

Ferona team - lidership

FERONA represents the backbone of the team of Novi Sad for in vitro fertilization, better known among colleagues and
patients as a team Vesna Kopitovic PhD .
As pioneers and leaders in the treatment of infertility for years and decades, we successfully apply in vitro fertilization procedures, and continue the tradition of our clinic where the first baby was born back in 1990, under the surveillance of PhDr. Milenko Bujas, out of in vitro fertilization procedure.

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