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FERONA represents the backbone of the team of Novi Sad for in vitro fertilization, better known among colleagues and patients as a team Vesna Kopitović PhD. As pioneers and leaders in the treatment of infertility for years and decades, we successfully apply in vitro fertilization procedures, and continue the tradition of our clinic where the first baby was born back in 1990, under the surveillance of prof. Dr. Milenko Bujas, out of in vitro fertilization procedure. The leadership of our team is not only reflected in the large experience, or the fact that behind us there is a more than 10 000 cycles of in vitro fertilization and over 3000 children born after this procedure, but also we were ready to share this experience and knowledge unselfishly with others. Our team members are trained in leading Swedish centers in the field of assisted reproduction, and the knowledge gained there was successfully implemented in our environment. Techniques of work, application of the latest methods of treatment, and above all high standards of regulation and organization of an IVF clinic, is something that provides the best results. We consider that the right to this kind of treatment and opportunity for the greatest possible success should be granted to all our patients and therefore we opted for FERONA, an institution which this idea implements into everyday practice. Behind our team there are great scientific and academic achievements, hundreds of published works at leading international and national journals and conferences, and the spread of knowledge, that was mentioned before. Successfully we have organized more than 20 professional conferences for colleagues, domestic and foreign, as well as training and education for a number of gynecologists, embryologists and other staff involved in the treatment of infertility. We are unique and proud of the fact that the vast majority of people who are now dealing with the treatment of infertility, knowledge gained just from our team. The highest standards of our laboratory for in vitro fertilization are only one of the prerequisites for success. To make all this function, we gathered a team of leading embryologists from the Novi Sad University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who gained knowledge and experience in leading European IVF centers, who already have a successfully implemented thousands of cycles of artificial insemination, as well as our embryologists Vera Kremić (master of embryology) that we were lucky we brought from one of America's leading centers for in vitro fertilization in Atlanta, where she acquired a complete training and experience in this sophisticated field at the University clinic.

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