First you will be asked to supply a copy of your medical file and a medical file of your partner. Since both the woman and the man have important parts to play in the IVF process, our team needs to be familiar with both your medical histories before treatment can commence. Once we have made a thorough analysis of the information available in your medical file, we shall inform you if any further details are required and whether additional examinations or tests are needed before treatment can start.

The exact starting date is dependent on your options and wishes as well as on our planning. Confirmation of this date will be sent to you via e-mail in advance to give you time to plan your travel and stay(s) in Novi Sad.

The exact date on which you need to be in Novi Sad depends on a number of factors:

  • The medical advice of the gynecologist from the Ferona hospital;
  • Whether you have already visited the Hospital for a consultation before starting your treatment. If not, you may be required to come to the Hospital around day seven of the stimulation phase;
  • Your personal circumstances, such as when you and your partner can travel and how long you are able to stay in Novi Sad;
  • The medical infrastructure in your home country or region. For example, if you have access to a laboratory that can carry out the necessary blood tests quickly and correctly, the entire stimulation phase may be performed in your own country. If the necessary facilities are not available, you may need to stay in Novi Sad from day one of your stimulation phase until your treatment is completed. In short, some couples need to be in Novi Sad from the start of the stimulation phase, some in the course of stimulation and others towards the end.

The exact date when you and your partner need to report to the Hospital will be determined individually for each couple, the sole aim being to ensure that the stimulation phase is carried out as effectively and comfortably as possible.

For further information, please visit our IVF page.

As a guide, treatment can take approximately four to six weeks, however this entirely depends on each individual. Some patients may be required to undergo extra testing and monitoring before they start treatment. Generally first, patients are starting to use an hormone injections for around two weeks. Two days after the human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) trigger injection, the woman will have her egg collection performed under sedation. Two to five days after that, the embryo transfer will take place. A pregnancy test is then performed ten to twelve days later.

There is actually nothing you can do – medically nor practically – after the transfer of the embryo to aid its implantation. A good number of studies have researched whether bed rest (e.g. staying the night at the hospital) after the embryo transfer has a positive influence on the chances of success of the treatment. The outcome was unanimous – there is no indication that this would lead to an increased chance of pregnancy. Regarding other activities as well (travel, sports, bathing, etc.) no study revealed any of those to have an adverse effect. So it makes no sense at all to feel guilty if the implantation doesn’t occur: your behavior certainly has nothing to do with it.

Soon after you send us the results of your blood tests and we know whether your IVF treatment resulted in pregnancy, we will send you a full medical report of your treatment. If the treatment did not result in pregnancy and you wish to have a new attempt either with frozen (and thawed) embryos or by initiating a whole new treatment, you should contact our Facilitator Agency to make the necessary arrangements.

Medical tourism is simply the process of traveling abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Medical tourism is certainly not a new concept. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine. The global elite have been traveling to the US for years as well to our world renowned hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and MD Anderson. Now US citizens have an excellent opportunity to seek top quality procedures outside the US, where they can recover in anonymity and luxury at more affordable rates.

There are a host of services incorporated in our medical travel program. We will walk you through the entire process. You need not be aware of anything about the medical tourism process other than your wish to receive a medical procedure.

For further information, please visit our IVF page.

Our partner agency Link4MED, ensure that each patient not only receives quality medical care but maximum support and comfort as well. They check patient satisfaction surveys to see how we accommodate international patients in terms of communication, services, religious dietary needs and other cultural considerations.

Your treatment is no longer limited by geography or treatment costs. Link4Med, creates a bridge that connects patients to our hospital, so that they can find the right treatment solution. Visit their website by clicking HERE.

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