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Although the most effective method for the achievement of pregnancy, in vitro fertilization is not omnipotent and is not a "magic wand" in struggle with infertility.

Cycles with donated egg cells

In certain situations when the number or quality of remaining egg cells is lower, the best and sometimes the only form of successful treatment of infertility represents a cycle with donated egg cells. This is now a legitimate, highly successful and safe form of treatment for many couples in which other therapeutic options are exhausted and further treatment by classical methods do not offer a realistic hope for success. This form of treatment is applied more often, and according to the latest European report from 2010, 25.187 cycles with donated egg cells was conducted, with the success rate of about 50%. The procedure is performed when at a certain stage of the cycle (spontaneous or with the use of certain medications) under the control of doctors, ultrasound and other relevant inspections, the appropriate state of uterus is established. After preparation of the uterus, defrosted egg cells of healthy younger women donors are obtained, with mostly similar characteristics as parents. Then, in the laboratory, donated egg cells are combined with sperm of a husband or donor (if there is a need for donating sperm). Created embryos are returned to the uterus of the patient, in the same way as in the classical procedure In vitro fertilization. Child's genetic material comes from a woman donor, but the patient, carrying an embryo in her body certainly affects the genetics of the fetus, and it certainly is baby’s mother. The most common reason for cycles with donated egg cells is the age of a woman. Women after 44 have less than 1% chance of giving birth after In vitro fertilization with their own cells, while the success rate of cycles with donated egg cells, even in this age, is of over 50% per cycle. It should be noted that most of the articles that you may have read about the pregnancies among women older than 44, actually originates from these cycles, and we think we should openly talk about this. Besides the age, as a consequence of severe illness or due to surgery on the ovaries, for some women is significantly reduced ovarian reserve even at an earlier age, even around 30, and they certainly could be candidates for this type of treatment. The new law on biomedical assisted fertilization in Serbia foresees the legalization of this treatment. Until then FERONA team can help their patients who require this type of treatment - it prepares the proceedings, refers them to the proven, highly specialized European centers with a long tradition, quality and success in providing these services, with whom FERONA has a high level of cooperation.

Unsuccessful attempts of IVF - explanation and examination

The failed attempts of In vitro fertilization is a source of huge frustration for both patients and for the entire IVF team. Although the chance of success of IVF cycles is good and reaches over 50% in certain situations, this procedure is still not a "magic wand" and a certain percentage of patients will fail the first or even several attempts.

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Psychological support and IVF

Psychological stress can negatively affect the entire course of treatment, not so much in terms of reduced chances of success, as much in terms of degradation of the quality of life of women, men and the couple in general, and this is a very important factor.

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Multiple pregnancies and single embryo transfer

Multiple pregnancies represent the presence of more than one fetus in the cavum of the uterus, most often it comes to twin pregnancy, but also to triple pregnancy - triplets, while the higher-order multiple births are rare.

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Nutrition and IVF

As the In vitro fertilization is not a "magic wand" that guarantees success, so it would not be correct to say that certain foods, and related type of diet certainly leads to an increased chance of success, as well as believing in miraculous plants that lead to a cure for infertility, although some herbal preparations can have a positive effect to the number of processes in these proceedings.

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Acupuncture and IVF

Acupuncture represents an ancient Chinese medical procedure used for centuries to treat a number of diseases. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body contains life energy - chi, which travels through the body along the defined meridians, and controls all the vital functions.

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Overstimulation – OHSS

Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome - OHSS represents one of the biggest complications of treatments of infertility and in vitro fertilization.
This condition may end fatally, and it is estimated that this tragic outcome occurs in 3/100 000 initiated cycles of in vitro fertilization, as a result of OHSS.

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