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Cryopreservation is a set of revolutionary technologies in the field of cryobiology by which cells and tissues can be successfully frozen at extremely low temperatures that allow virtually stopping of biological process of aging and cell death, and more importantly, then, after a period of several years to several decades, successfully could be unfrozen while retaining its full functionality. Decades of scientific discoveries, and development of specific freezing substances that help cells to survive this process, so-called cryoprotectants, as well as specific freezing mechanisms on the basis of slow freezing method used earlier, and vitrification method used nowadays, have contributed a successful freezing and later unfreezing with huge survival rate of almost all human cells, including those most vulnerable - egg. The survival rate of egg cells by advanced methods of vitrification has reached a staggering 95% or more nowadays, even though a few years ago were only 20%. The fact that almost 40% of children who were born after In vitro fertilization procedures their way began as an embryo which was frozen at fertilization, and subsequently unfrozen by cryopreservation methods, speaks in favor of safety of the procedure. That demonstrates the efficiency and safety of the Procedure, since in these situations is recorded even a lower rate of complications in pregnancy. Today, cryopreservation is successfully applied to almost all types of human cells, byroutinely freezing of sperm, egg cells, embryos, and the tissue around the testicles and ovaries in certain indications.

Preservation of fertility

There are numerous states, pathologicalas well as some other, for which particular person or couple haveendangered reproductive function, before he or she has managed to achieve in the role of parents.

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Fertility preservation for oncological patients

Modern protocols for treatment of malignant tumors of all localizations affect all spheres of life of patients significantly reducing their quality of life.

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Although the most effective method for the achievement of pregnancy, In Vitro Fertilization is not omnipotent and is not a "magic wand" in struggle with infertility.

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