Air Factory for IVF

Aware of the fact that only the highest standards of equipment and microclimate conditions ensure the greatest chance of success of in vitro fertilization cycle, we decided that, as well as other leading clinics, we make no compromise with the quality and provide the most optimal conditions, according to the latest achievements of science and technology. Our hospital is the only medical institution in the country which has laboratories according to international and EU standards, the so-called CLEAN ROOMS, which include overpressure, central air conditioning and sterilization of over 99%, therefore there is no possibility of harmful environmental influences on egg cells, the sperm and embryos. In addition, in a separate part of the hospital, the most advanced facility of multi-chamber , electronically controlled system of production of "pure" air was constructed and installed, which meets the most sensitive criteria of an IVF laboratory, and thus for the first time in our region the "factory" for the production of clean air for IVF labs was launched.

Only air produced in this system enters
the labaratory for in vitro fertilization

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