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TIME LAPSE Primo Vision

Selection of the best embryo is one of the key tasks for embryologists in the process of In vitro fertilization. As a rule, during the IVF process multiple embryos are obtained and it is necessary to choose the best, or several of them, for transfer to the uterus, while the remaining embryos are usually frozen. Selection of the best embryo is important because the quality of embryos has the greatest influence on the chance for pregnancy. Returning genetically defective embryos of lower quality do not provide a real chance for success; it brings disappointment, stress because of eventual failure and possibility of the abortion. Consequently, for decades scientists are working on finding the best techniques of selection embryos. Morphological analysis or analysis of appearance, shapes and other visual characteristics of embryos is traditionally used. This is a standard procedure, used for a long time, and to some extent accurate and reliable, but often does not correspond to the real situation. This has led to the so-called morphogenetic analysis, or TIME LAPSE analysis, systems of continuous video monitoring of embryo development from its inception to the moment of transfer of the uterus. In addition to the analysis of appearance of embryos, TIME LAPSE also analyzes other characteristics such as the growth rate from one phase to another, and many other parameters to the basis of which a special computer program calculates the chance that the embryo has a genetic defect, and determines which the best embryos are for transfer. It should be noted that even this system is not perfect, and it often happens that even a perfect embryos in this system have chromosomal abnormalities. Therefore, as the best standard in the analysis of the quality of embryos, is considered genetic analysis procedure PGD and PGS. Another big advantage, because of which, according to some research, there is an increased chance of success when using the TIME LAPSE analysis, is that the embryos are not disturbed and not removed from the incubator to assess the morphology, thus are grown in optimal conditions. All of our patients, as a special benefit of using this system, will be enabled to a complete insight into the state of development of their embryos electronically, even online in the future, and thereby will be able to share these moments with us.

Genetic research

Assisted Hatching

In the presence of high-quality embryos, even at the stage of blastocyst, the success is around 50% in the best clinics, in spite of chro-
mosomal abnormalities of the embryo, in a number od cases a disorder of the process of hatching(hatching) of embryos is mentioned
as the reason for the failure.



The classic IVF respresents embryonic
fertilization technique - fertilization of
the egg cell, in which the embryolo-
gist, in an appropriate container, and
presence of a suitable medium
leaves the egg with its surrounding
and concentrate of semen, which...

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Growth factors for

Cryopreservation is a set of revolu-
tionary techologies in the field of
cryobiology by which cells and
tissues can be successfully frozen at
extremely low temperatures that
allow virtually stopping of biological...

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