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ERA test - personalized embryo transfer

The success of VTO cycle depends primarily on the quality of the embryo and its genetic potential, but also on adequate receptivity of the mucous membrane of the uterus - the endometrium and their mutual communication.

Although in over 80% of cases the reason for the failure of IVF is inadequate embryo quality, sometimes even the inadequate endometrium is the problem. To understand the successful implantation of the endometrium, it is necessary to be familiar with the term “window of implantation” or the time and the state of the endometrium when it is appropriate for the reception of embryos. In IVF cycles, it is usually 3-5 days after aspiration. This process is influenced by many factors, such as hormonal, on which we try to influence by appropriate medicines, as well as genetically.

ERA - Endometrial Receptivity Array, is a test developed by the institution Igeonomix, 2009, which is a leader in the field of reproductive genetics. The essence of the test is a genetic analysis of 238 genes that regulate endometrial receptivity, and based on these genetic results it is established whether, and on what day of the cycle, the endometrium is responsive to the reception of the embryo, and that only on the basis of this result conducts the procedure of embryo transfer. This test is somewhat revolutionary; it represents a personalized embryo transfer, i.e. the implementation of procedure for a particular couple, not by the established procedure but on the basis of their genetic characteristics. In certain cases, particularly in cases of previous unsuccessful attempts, this test contributes to the increased success of in vitro fertilization.

FERONA team carries out this procedure in cooperation with the Spanish reference center which also developed this procedure, so that in a single cycle genetic testing of endometrial samples is conducted and sent to referential laboratory, and in the next cycle, on the basis of obtained results and according to protocol, embryo transfer procedures is performed at a designated time. For more information, we advise you to visit

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Assisted Hatching

In the presence of high-quality embryos, even at the stage of blastocyst, the success is around 50% in the best clinics, in spite of chro-
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as the reason for the failure.


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